Caloy jersey in FIBA House

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Caloy jersey in FIBA House

The FIBA Patrick Baumann House of Basketball, located in the Swiss village of Mies near Geneva, proudly showcases the No. 14 Philippine team jersey once worn by the late Caloy Loyzaga. Erika Dy, interim executive director of  (SBP), recently had the privilege of visiting the House to attend the Olympic Qualifying Tournament draw and FIBA World Cup debriefing sessions.

Dy expressed her pleasant surprise at the exhibit area, noting that it is not extensive, making the inclusion of Loyzaga's display even more special. The jersey, along with a full-body photograph of Loyzaga holding a basketball, was graciously provided by his family. Bing Loyzaga, the daughter of Caloy Loyzaga, confirmed that the jersey on display is indeed her father's. She revealed that her father had kept two used jerseys, along with his banners, and she donated one of them to the FIBA Foundation during the FIBA World Cup. Bing expressed her hopes of visiting the FIBA House in the coming year. The jersey and photograph were received by Miguel Font, the FIBA Foundation senior associate and historical curator.

Caloy Loyzaga, a legendary figure in Philippine basketball, was posthumously inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame in August. He became the second Filipino to receive this honor and the first player to do so. The first Filipino inductee was Dionisio (Chito) Calvo, who was recognized as the first FIBA Asia (formerly the Asian Basketball Confederation) secretary-general in 1960 and a permanent member of the FIBA Technical Commission under the category of contributors. The Hall of Fame gallery within the FIBA House showcases uniforms, shoes, and photographs of inductees across four categories: players, referees, coaches, and contributors.

Another significant Filipino item exhibited at the FIBA House is the Thom Browne jacket worn by coach Chot Reyes during the Gilas games at the FIBA World Cup. Reyes generously donated the jacket to former FIBA president Hamane Niang, who then turned it over to the FIBA Foundation. Reyes expressed his honor at seeing his coat displayed at the FIBA Museum. In October, he had the opportunity to visit the FIBA House and pay a courtesy call on FIBA secretary-general Andreas Zagklis. Miguel Font explained that the FIBA collections include various Philippine items, which are rotated periodically. The FIBA Museum boasts an extensive collection of over 40,000 items from around the world.

Under the management of the FIBA Foundation, the FIBA House features the Naismith Arena, a 1,000-square-meter ground floor exhibit space. The Naismith Arena is home to the FIBA Museum and the Hall of Fame gallery, which are the primary highlights of the facility.