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Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery Disasters




Celebrity Before-And-After Plastic Surgery Disasters


Regrets and Risks: Celebrities who have experienced the negative outcomes of plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Even the most stunning celebrities in Hollywood have experienced the downside of plastic surgery. Some have undergone procedures that did not go as planned or had too many fillers injected. Khloé Kardashian, Tara Reid, and Janice Dickinson are a few of the celebrities who have spoken about going too far with cosmetic surgery.

During a 2006 interview with The Today Show, Tara confessed to having botched breast implants and revealed her humiliation after the incident. While attending Diddy’s 35th birthday party, her dress strap slipped down, revealing her left breast to a horde of paparazzi on the red carpet and displaying the unsatisfactory results of the failed surgery.

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Joan Van Ark, a prominent figure in primetime soap operas, underwent multiple cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation, which resulted in unfavorable outcomes. The “Dallas” and “Knots Landing” actress, who is now 76 years old, has undergone several surgeries and procedures that removed any elegance from her aging appearance. Van Ark has received a range of treatments from Botox, lip fillers, and lip augmentation to blepharoplasty.


Heidi Montag, a reality TV personality, singer, and actress, has undergone various procedures resulting in a doll-like appearance. The 34-year-old star of “The Hills” underwent ten procedures within 24 hours when she was just 23 years old. These included a brow lift, Botox, a nose job, chin reduction, neck liposuction, ear pinning, and fillers in the cheeks, lips, and nasolabial folds (smile lines).

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Mickey Rourke, a former leading actor, screenwriter, and boxer from the United States, has made a number of regrettable decisions regarding his plastic surgeries, which have resulted in the loss of his once iconic “good looks.” Along with hair transplants and an upper eyelid lift, the 68-year-old actor underwent an unsatisfactory facelift that has given him an unnatural curve between his ear and cheek, resulting in the loss of his natural sideburns.

Cardi B

In late 2022, Cardi B turned to Instagram to express her regrets about her plastic surgery. She advised her followers to refrain from enhancing their features.

“In August, I had surgery to remove 95% of my biopolymers…which were basically ass shots. It was an incredibly difficult process,” she explained. “All I can say is, if you’re young – 19, 20, 21 – and you’re too thin and thinking, ‘OMG, I don’t have enough fat to put in my ass,’ and therefore, you resort to ass shots, DON’T!”

The Hustlers actress has been open about her previous cosmetic procedures, once revealing that she paid $800 for illegal silicone shots in a basement in 2014.

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Sharon Osbourne is familiar with plastic surgery, but a facelift she underwent in late 2021 resulted in her appearing as a ‘cyclops,’ in her own words. In an interview with The Sunday Times in April 2022, she shared, ‘I had a complete facelift done in October, and I resembled one of those wrapped f—king mummies. It was incredibly painful. You have no idea.’

Sharon stated that she looked ‘terrible’ after the over five-hour surgery. She recalled saying to her surgeon, ‘You have to be joking.’ One eye appeared different from the other, and she resembled a ‘cyclops.’ She added, ‘All I need is a hunchback.’

Her husband Ozzy Osbourne was also shocked by the results. Sharon revealed that he promised her, ‘I don’t care how much it costs, we’ll get it redone.’ Fortunately, her face has since settled with the reconstructive work, and she is now content with her appearance.”

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Melanie Richards Griffith, a 63-year-old American actress and film producer, experimented with cosmetic surgery in her mid-to-late 50s, with disastrous results. Griffith herself admitted to the unfavorable outcomes after receiving negative feedback from the media and the public. Consequently, she sought the help of a new cosmetic surgeon to reverse some of the catastrophic damage done to her face.

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After being absent from public view for five years due to a botched cosmetic procedure, the original supermodel made an appearance on September 23, 2021, and explained why. Linda disclosed that she had undergone coolsculpting, which, according to her, caused fat cells in her face to multiply and left her “unrecognizable.”

In an Instagram post, Linda explained to her followers, “The reason I haven’t been working while my peers’ careers have been flourishing is that I was brutally disfigured by… [a procedure] which did the opposite of what it promised.” She went on to say that the procedure’s rare but severe side effects “not only ruined my livelihood but also plunged me into a cycle of deep depression, intense sadness, and the lowest depths of self-loathing. As a result, I have become a recluse.” Linda expressed her desire to “walk out of my door with my head held high,” despite no longer resembling herself, adding, “I’m tired of living this way.



After undergoing breast enlargement, tummy tuck, neck and facelifts, as well as liposuction, the world’s first supermodel has acknowledged these past procedures. Following her breast cancer diagnosis, Janice Dickinson shared with Entertainment Tonight, “If I had to redo my life, I would never have chosen to get breast implants.

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The American Pie actress has previously acknowledged a failed breast augmentation and body contouring operation. Following her notorious red carpet wardrobe malfunction, she stated, “I was already struggling with how it looked. The last thing I wanted was for the entire world to see it. The center part where the areola is supposed to be a circle turned out to be a large square. It was a terrifying experience.”

Tara Reid went on to say, “It was uneven, like a goose-shaped egg. It was dreadful.

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Kylie Jenner isn’t the only KUWTK cast member who has acknowledged going too far with fillers. Khloé admitted that facial fillers did not suit her, saying, “It didn’t work for me. I looked insane, and I believe the effects are still there. I had to have everything dissolved, like, three times.”

Khloé has been the subject of speculation about having undergone cosmetic surgery and has now confirmed that she had a nose job.

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Courteney Cox has shared that she has regrets about certain cosmetic procedures she has undergone to keep up with Hollywood’s standards. During a 2016 appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, she stated, “Aging is not easy, but I’ve learned some lessons. I believe I was attempting to keep up with getting older. I’ve done things that I’m not proud of, and fortunately, they’re temporary and go away, which is fantastic since that wasn’t always my finest appearance.” The following year, she allowed all her filler to dissolve.

In a 2022 interview with The Sunday Times, the actress expressed remorse about the extreme measures she took to maintain her youthful complexion, admitting that she looked “very odd” after undergoing surgery. Cox remarked, “There was a time when I thought, ‘Oh, I’m changing. I’m looking older.’ And I didn’t realize that, oh sh-t, I actually look really strange with injections and doing things to my face that I would never do now.

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The star of The Hills has been outspoken about her remorse regarding the ten cosmetic surgery procedures she has undergone, which included breast implants, a chin reduction, and an eyebrow lift. Heidi Montag informed Life & Style, “I have more scars on my body than individuals who have been in car accidents. Sometimes, I believe I resemble Frankenstein, straight out of a science-fiction film.

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Joan Van Ark no longer resembles her iconic ’80s character. During an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s Where Are They Now, she commented on plastic surgery, saying, “It’s more common now. It’s the whole package, everything. It’s practically anticipated in a sense.

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According to her spokesperson, the former wife of Elvis Presley fell prey to an unlicensed doctor. “Priscilla Presley was one of many known victims of Dr. Serrano. His unethical behavior was exposed during an inquiry that ultimately led to his imprisonment. Ms. Presley resolved this issue many years ago, and everything is now resolved,” the spokesperson stated.

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