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This comics couple will reveal the truth about love and marriage in 40+ relatable ways - google hot trends



 This comics couple will reveal the truth about love and marriage in 40+ relatable ways

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Getting married is like going on a long journey with pit stops along the way - some are exciting and some aren't, but every moment of this adventure is worth savoring. Those couples who learn to cherish every last nugget are happier and stay together longer. Adding a bit of humor to the mix makes it a real winner!

This is demonstrated perfectly by Israeli artist Yehuda Devir's comic depictions of quirky slice-of-life pictures depicting conversations he has with his wife, Maya. Every picture contains a thousand truths that only married people can comprehend. It's striking how relatable each of these are in the drawing despite the fact that, as they say, the devil is in the details!

The Honeymoon Phase

Newly married couples will get this one pretty quick - they can even feel it in their bones. The favorite phase of any marriage is the 'can't get enough of each other' period, where the two must be together constantly to feel complete. Oh, the golden era of not wanting to get out of bed even to take a quick trip to the restroom!

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Well, that passes soon enough, but when it's on, every little thing that forces one or both to get out of bed and out of sight is a mortal enemy. Going to work would seem like a herculean task, but let's not forget it pays the bills!

The Shy Hubby

It's not every day one comes across a guy refusing to take a shirt off in public. Yet, it is not uncommon for a man to feel a bit conscious about going topless at a beach. The feeling is not exclusive to women!

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It could be a regular thing or just a don't-feel-like-it day! But if he lacks the confidence to show off his physique, a bit of a leg up from his beloved might go a long way in loosening him up. And what fun it would be to splash around together or take a swim in the open waters without a care in the world!

The Growing Dish Pile

Anyone who still harbors the misconception that women are born to keep their homes clean and love doing it should probably take a look at this cartoon. Women do not necessarily find household chores their solemn duty and responsibility, and neither do they find it appealing.

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Also, cooking doesn't include cleaning up after. It's a separate chore, and washing dishes fall under 'to be done later,' which isn't until the kitchen runs out of clean utensils. Oh, there's always a takeaway! Or a husband who is an equal partner in every sense. How wonderful to spend a lifetime with a man who shares the dishwashing load!

The Weight Conscious Wife

Some women watch their weight so closely they get on the weighing scale every other day. They are bound to lose their mind more than any pounds. Losing excess weight is hard work and needs dedication, persistence, and commitment to reach a specific goal.

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A partner poking fun at her efforts could cause a setback for the lady! Being involved in her fights shows that the person she loves has her back. There's nothing more precious or motivating than that for a woman in love! Although, giving a slight scare as he does here and making her laugh after doesn't hurt too.

The Opposites Attract

How boring would it be to sync everything about each other in marriage! We understand sharing the same long-term goals, but everyday things like coffee or tea, hiking or reading a book, and movies or documentaries should be left to individual preferences.

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Say one is a fitness freak who frequents the gym, and the other’s only form of exercise is the frequent trips to the refrigerator! Should every day be a constant fight between a dumbbell and a chocolate spread jar? Loving doesn’t have to be so strenuous, and marriages need not become a common ground but a safe zone for two diverse individuals to thrive together under one roof!

The Pillows Apart

Marriages need a lot more than love and commitment to thrive. There are no set rules or one size fits all secrets for a successful union. Couples wing it most of the time because there's no one else on this planet who knows them better than the two involved.

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Don't go to bed angry, they said. And yet, tempers don't see the time when they flare. Where there's love, there's bound to be disappointments and arguments. Sometimes, one's got to let the burns turn to ash before reconciling. And if a silent night spent with faces turned away helps, so be it. The making up is always the fun part.

The Precious Forget-Me-Nots

Honestly, remembering important milestones, small and big, is a bone of contention among most couples. As a relationship progresses to marriage and beyond, there are tons of these important dates to recall, remember, and celebrate - the day they met, their first date and kiss, and the wedding day, to name a few.

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لWhew! Too much and yet not enough for those who wish to make even sweeter memories. And the cherry on top is when the significant other doesn't forget to make the anniversaries even more precious by revisiting those moments together. Getting a little digital help doesn't hurt. In this age of technology, who doesn't?

The Hairy Mess

Men who love long lustrous hair on their women, or even short bobs, should learn to bear with this truth. Ladies shed tons of it every day; hair coating the floors or floating to the corners of the rooms become a common sight. It's a miracle there's any hair left on their heads after all the shedding that takes place!

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Just relax and let it go. No, don't look the other way. A bit of cleaning assistance in getting rid of those pesky tendrils is worth some brownie points. Remember the wedding vows to be in it together come what may? Well, this is it!

The Silver Divide

Aging is inevitable, and the appearance of gray hair as one grows older is something no one can avoid. Still, it’s frustrating and a bit annoying how different beauty standards are attached to something as natural as spotting silver hair.

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While women panic and reach for the colors, men only smirk. This pride stems from how the ladies swoon at a man with a dash of gray in their locks. Admittedly, it adds a layer of suave that most women find irresistible, but when it comes to women, it's the opposite. They fret and try to hide them as much as possible. Such double standards!

The Flab Standard

Here goes another of those gender divides - the one where flab makes their presence felt in our bodies! Women dread not fitting into their clothes, and men pat their growing bellies and preen as a sign of prosperity while reaching for another drink! It’s fascinating to see how well the husbands take a few extra pounds.

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To take it further, the men proudly flaunt their gain by wearing tight clothes. And the girls do the opposite - wear baggier outfits that camouflage the extra flab that makes them look bulkier. So, there’s just one way to get through it -give compliments to each other, no matter the size!

The TV Cheating

Watching television together is an activity couples can bond over. In fact, some experts suggest it can benefit relationships. We bet no one expected it could be a source of cheating, too! That's right; one can betray the unwritten rules of relationship fidelity through a TV show!

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Many couples these days binge-watch shows religiously because access to thousands of them is right at their fingertips. But what happens if one partner is not available? The other one cheats by watching some episodes in advance! If that is not an act of disloyalty, folks, then we don't know what is!

The Resounding "Yes"

When a woman has met the man of her dreams, she can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. But the lady can't tell him that, especially if she's traditional and wants her man to propose all by himself.

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All a girl could do is show subtle signs that she's ready for marriage, but nothing more than that. Just imagine all the energy a woman tries to channel away from thinking if he'd propose. Bottled inside, one way or another, it can't escape without some kind of outlet. So, when her partner decides to pop the question, an over-enthusiastic "Yes!" finally comes out.

The Lifestyle Change

Couples share almost everything - ever heard of the phrase, 'what one partner owns, the other owns as well'? So, when the lady of the house decides to start a healthy lifestyle, that means her man has no choice but to eat what she's eating.

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Let's admit it; nowadays, being healthy is cool. Everywhere people look, there are yoga studios, gyms, green juice bars, and whole foods stores. Once the lady joins in the health craze, she is bringing her man with her! What's not to like, right? The benefits outweigh the risks in this scenario, anyway.

The Real "Woke Up Like This" Face

There's a scene in the television show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel where the lead character, Midge, gets up in the morning ahead of her husband to put on an ideal-looking "day face." Well, that was how it was in the 1950s for some housewives, but not anymore.

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The reality is, no one gets up looking like they have been glammed-up in their sleep! Men should get accustomed to their partner's natural face. Some women take more than an hour to get ready for work with many beauty products, but it's a whole different ball game as soon as they get up in the morning!

The Never-Ending Apologies

There are no perfect relationships, no matter what some people might say. Marriages, especially, are full of hurdles that couples need to jump over to become successful. It's not all rainbows, butterflies, and blue skies - sometimes there are dark clouds with rain and thunder.

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How can partners power through difficult situations? One should always practice the apologizing and forgiving process. When we've hurt the ones we love, the next step should always be to apologize and start the healing. There's nothing a warm hug and a sincere apology can't fix.

The Fridge Eater

Imagine this, a partner sneaks out of the room and doesn't return for quite a while. His woman decides to follow, to catch him in the act of possibly texting or calling some other girl. She gets the surprise of her life when she sees him secretly eating - from the fridge, no less!

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Binge eating too much can be unhealthy. But eating in secret just so there'll be no need to use a plate and utensils is a whole different scenario! Some men won't admit this, but much of the time, the reason they eat from the refrigerator is that guys are too lazy to wash the dishes they'll use.

The Baby Fever

This photo is a perfect interpretation of what's called a "baby fever." Immortalized in television and movies, it's the strong desire to have a baby, and it is accurate, according to experts. Baby fever happens more often in women than men.

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When a couple gets married to start living together, often, the next step is to create a family. Whether they begin planning or not, just imagining the future could make some women "drool" over other people's babies. The man may not be drooling, but that look is surely one of longing.

The Good Soldier

Those who watch the TV series Friends will remember episodes where Chandler and Monica are trying to have a baby. No matter how busy they are, they must follow the ovulation schedule. Any couple "trying" could relate to how a game-plan is needed for conception.

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If the woman has baby fever, it's understandable how she quickly takes charge of "operation baby-making." Yes, some can go as far as naming their conception plan! She can go on full battle mode, and her man has no choice but to be a good soldier and follow all the orders from his lady.

The Baby Marathon

Society has suggested for many, many years that men are stronger than women. In sports, they are faster and more powerful. Still, recent studies prove that women have more stamina and muscle endurance, plus they are less fatigable than men.

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That fact, mixed with a lady's desire to have a baby, is a powerful combination that could completely drain her partner's energy in bed. When it's baby-making time, it sure will be like running a marathon, and the gold medal is that positive result on the pregnancy test when the time arrives.

The Conception Potions

When a woman is having a hard time getting pregnant, she will turn to science until her patience has reached its limit. When that happens, it's time to turn to the good ole' traditions, passed from generation to generation.

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We're referring, of course, to old wives' tales on pregnancy that many women attest to be effective. There are so many "baby-making potions" from different countries in the world that a woman with "baby fever" would try out. Let's hope she steered clear of the Blister Beetle juice shot from Rome.

The Unwelcome Guest

When a girl starts getting her period, that’s a significant crossover point into womanhood that should make a person happy. Yet, when a lady has matured enough and is ready to settle down and have children, getting that monthly flow when trying to conceive can be very disappointing.

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At such a point, the lady can already imagine holding that bundle of joy in her arms and can’t help buying some pregnancy kits and baby clothes in advance. Breaking the news to her partner that the mission has failed can be frustrating, but if someone wants something, they cannot quit trying.

The Soldier Is Down

Men are seemingly built to kick off the bad guys and overcome obstacles. Still, nothing hits the boy child hard like a bad cold. Although it’s normal for anyone to have such moments, especially during chilly weather like winter, the male anatomy is more susceptible to getting taken down by that sneeze or cough.

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Women make the world go round, and during such periods when a soldier is down, some hot soup and a good massage can go a long way in restoring his spirits. How well someone takes care of their own when they fall in battle determines the special treatment one receives in better times.

The Sweat Finally Paid Off

Good things come to those who keep trying, no matter the setbacks or circumstances. So after many days of gymnastics with one’s partner, the pregnancy kit would turn out positive one random day. This is the moment when the sweetheart storms out of the bathroom like they just won the mega million jackpot.

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Some news can change a person’s life because once it’s official that a baby is on the way, suddenly, one starts to feel overly responsible. At this point, one begins to think about building a home, changing those behaviors that are not healthy, and taking over the world!

The Lord of The Kingdom

Nothing changes a man like knowing that a prince or princess is about to join the kingdom and make the dynasty complete. As for the queen, once it’s official that we have succeeded in our baby-making mission, this is the point when the king becomes overprotective to ensure that nothing can harm his people.

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All of a sudden, the lady becomes like an infant who needs monitoring at all times. The man cannot help but convert into a full-blown doctor, nutritionist, and coach to monitor the diet, body temperature, and even chores the missus is undertaking to ensure all goes well.

The Price Has to Be Paid

Most times, the journey to getting a dream come true is usually a thorny path to greatness. A woman’s body is one fantastic creation because not only can it stun on a catwalk, but it’s also the strong vessel that delivers young ones to a loving home.

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During pregnancy, hormones always work extra time as the new life builds, and the process documents itself adequately on the lady’s skin. From pimples popping without notice to mood swings never experienced before, the hubby sits back and encourages his queen to fight on with a smile.

The Goddess Fully Manifested

The power of a woman becomes fully manifested during the big bump stage. At such a time, if the lady catches the bus or train, people will gladly vacate their seats to allow this human-maker as much comfort as possible. Still, nobody enjoys the moment like the hubby does.

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A man becomes like a trained K9 dog that will obey every instruction, from running to the grocery store to washing the dishes just to ensure that the lady is happy. Some photo shoots are also ideal for making this stage unforgettable forever.

The Big Boons of Baby-Bearing

It’s celebration time for when the couple gets pregnant. Setting aside the anxiety of becoming first-time parents, there is so much to take in, beginning with the physical changes that happen in the mom-to-be! A woman’s body, even without pregnancy, is a work of art, but while preparing to nurture a wee baby, it becomes a bountiful marvel the men find impossible to resist!

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For women, the physical transformation is intrinsically fascinating, and who better to share them with than the beloved husbands - equal partners in the deed and its blessed repercussions. Growing bigger and softer during pregnancy does have its perks, after all!

The Little Champ Has Spoken

During the beginning months of pregnancy, one can feel all the changes happening in their body, but nothing quite hits like a baby’s first kick. This moment is historical, where the young champion tells the couple to handle him or her with care going forward.

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The initial moment can come as a huge surprise for the parents-to-be, where they will pause no matter where they are to come into terms with this significant milestone. Isn’t it amazing how the kicking serves to communicate between the parents and the young life growing inside?

The Sleep Can Wait

A mother’s great love starts from the hassle she has to endure to bring that bundle of joy home. As the baby bump advances to later stages, the belly is all over the place, and sound sleep becomes a thing of the past. After all, there is no gain without pain.

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Although there are fantastic pregnancy pillows in the market to ease someone’s burden and help them rest, the tossing and turning can be stressful, especially for the hubby who stays alert most of the time, hoping and praying that all shall be well.

The Bladder Blunder

Now all that weight in a woman’s belly, especially during advanced stages of pregnancy, needs somewhere to rest, and unfortunately, one of the first victims is usually the bladder. At such a time, when the woman is even struggling to walk, the call of nature decides it won’t wait.

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As the hubby, one has to stay prepared when transacting business in the bathroom, knowing that the missus holds the right of way without any questions. Such a moment might be ripe to consider a contingency plan for when one has been denied entry to the washroom.

The Size Trouble

When the expecting mother has reached the ninth month, she's irritated, tired, bloated all the time, and big enough to be unable to tie her own shoes. So, it's nice when someone pitches in. A good partner shouldn't wait to be asked for help, instead just get down on their knees and assist the would-be-mom in wearing her favorite pair of shoes.

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Also, remember to take them off when it's time for bed. While moms do the nurturing, partners can show their affection and care with these gestures. Always wear a smile, use those three magical words often, and prove it with action!

The D-day

The delivery day is here! Sometimes, women get signs; other times, they just shout out about their water bag breaking, and immediately partners get into a panic situation! In this picture, the illustrator has captured all the emotions a couple must experience at that moment.

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While the man is trying to calm himself and his wife, he also has to figure out what's essential and what's not. How to reach the hospital, whom to call, and among so many things - there comes a moment of silence when both breathe and realize it's time, they welcome their baby! But then get anxious again!

The Testing Times

We are sure a lot of couples will relate to this image and the emotions behind it. The waiting time in the delivery room is no less than a battleground. Within a few hours, a husband and wife's live change for eternity as they become parents.

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While moms feel scared about the pain they'd undergo, dads can't wait to meet the child. Look at the grin on the man's face! He's probably not understanding the gravity of the situation. But who can blame an excited father? Besides, not everyone can experience sympathy pains.

The Bundle of Joy

The wait's over, and the baby has arrived in the world! Isn't it a great joy for parents?! Moreover, newborn babies look so adorable that one would want to look at them every second of the day! Understandably so - their cute hand movements, tiny toes, and the occasional display of smiles won't let anyone move away from their side!

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Plus, the initial weeks are all like - eat, sleep, repeat! Babies don't have much trouble in the beginning. All these little angels do are nap, dirty their diapers, and feed on milk! It's easy to take care of them when they are just a few days old!

The Natural Bonding

The mother carries a baby in the womb for nine months. So, it's natural when the two connect immediately after their first meeting. But here, the illustrator exhibits a beautiful bond between two new parents, a father, and his child. It is indeed an unparalleled experience!

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To add to it further, the artist has also shown the mom in her natural glory. While post-delivery bodily changes are hard to accept for many females, the image here explains it's OK to have a few stretch marks, blemishes, or scars. After all, there was a human growing inside that belly!

The Ground Reality

As the honeymoon ends, this cute phase also ends with the blink of an eye and then starts the actual journey of parenthood. Earlier, the couple took charge of their lives, but now the tables have turned.

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Believe it or not, but this tiny human is capable of troubling two fully grown adults to the extent that they crave basic things like a regular eight-hour sleep! Although some children are docile, most of them aren't! No, we don't mean to scare anyone, but that's indeed the reality. One just needs to be patient for about 18 years for things to go back to normal.

The Never-Ending Doubts

Amidst all this hustle and bustle, almost every parent experiences self-doubt on whether they are even doing the job right. They read tons of pregnancy, maternity, and baby care books, but no amount of theoretical knowledge can prepare a person for this exhausting, demanding, and challenging job.

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Yet, keeping those feelings to oneself won't prove helpful either. Sharing these sentiments with one's partner is the only and ultimate solution to this issue. Support each other through new parental duties and assure that it takes time to adapt. That's why they say having a child brings a husband and wife closer!

The Goodbye

To take a break from parenting duties, couples plan a vacation together, arrange for a reliable babysitter and gather every possible thing that the kid might need while they're gone. But when all is done, no one wants to leave the child behind.

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No matter how eagerly she needs a peaceful trip to the beaches, nothing can prepare a mother's heart for this separation. Even though she knows it's only for a few days, the sense of detachment from the bundle of joy after so many months of nurturing the baby with skin-to-skin touch feels undoable.

The Pandemic Tales

We understand parents must have had a hard time leaving for that one holiday without their offspring, but we are also sure no one would have imagined spending the worldwide lockdown together! Everyone needs a break. Without that, the basic chores also start taking a toll no matter how strong one is, let alone the regular responsibilities of parenthood!

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Look at this portrait, for instance. It's like the duo is screaming - take us out of here! The adorable infant, however, is unaware of all this mess and darkness. She seems to be enjoying this time thoroughly with her mum and dad!

The Interrupting Third Wheel

Despite all the ups and downs, raising a child is a rewarding process. That's why when the first baby is all grown up, it's time to bring more siblings into the world. But just when this couple gets down to it, they would hear their darling little daughter screaming, seeking attention, crying, or pounding at the door!

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Nobody knows how babies' sense that their parents need to be left alone. But they disturb me much of the time. Next, the parents will be hoping that the little munchkin didn't see them in action as the last thing anyone needs is the baby blabbering about the incident at the next house party!

The Much-Needed Recess

We know ladies are fashioned to become Supermoms. But should that give men space to save their shoulders from fatherhood duties? We don't think so. Taking care of a newborn is somewhat exhausting, and poor mothers shouldn't fall prey to it alone.

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A baby myth says no one reads a kid better than its mom. Yet, one would find that any new parent is equally clueless in dealing with their little sweetheart. The endless cycle of feeding, diaper changing, and babysitting, no wonder, screams a break for the sleep-deprived, weary mommies. Let the daddies take over until they master the art of child-rearing!

The Clueless Guy

The man-of-the-house is, no doubt, an independent decision-maker. Yet supermarket chores baffle him to the extent that he finds himself drowning in dilemmas over trivial stuff. Even a mundane choice of spaghetti over pasta demands an assurance call from the lady!

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Women are pros at handling several hassles; they're by all means multi-taskers. But do we need to bug them with insignificant details? It's time men take a leap of faith and figure things out by themselves, be it for grocery shopping or arranging the nursery!

The Endless Tug-of-War

While one keeps coddling and pampering the kid to excess, the other indulges in authoritative parenting. The result? A constant clash of "Who knows better?" in which the baby is the real loser. So, we highly suggest new parents present a united front.

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Each parent values their independent style of raising the little one, often triggering the need to prove their partner's ways wrong. But we often forget parenthood requires teamwork and a lot of love. Dear new moms and dads, please stop playing the blame game and embrace these precious moments!

The Family Keeps Sprawling

In the jigsaw puzzle of marital ties, babies are the perfect missing pieces to fit in between a lady and her man. Amidst all confusion between the couple, while nurturing a bundle of joy, their affections grow even fonder. A daddy's happiness knows no bounds while eagerly awaiting the arrival of his second offspring eagerly.

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They might have been through the post-delivery stress once, but a second time will be a whole new roller-coaster ride. But in the end, everything will fall into place, as the two have learned from their past mistakes. Just make sure the elder sibling isn't too bossy for the newbie!

The Next Phase

Can emoticons ever replace the essence of pure emotions? Does a 'heart emoji' perfectly express the deep fondness one nurtures for their favorite person? Perhaps, No! In a world where people are harnessed to a virtual existence 24/7, the flame of love would undeniably flicker a little too much!

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We'd blame the screen-time and social media, for ruining intimacy by keeping only intangible communications alive. Don't they look sad and weary than before? So, let's shove the screens aside to once again rekindle the lost romance in our relationships!

It's Clogged!

Everybody who's ever shared a house with someone knows how daunting it can be to deal with someone else's shower-clogged mess. It's an event even more common when, just like Yehuda, you're married to a woman with beautiful, long hair.

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But the next time you're forced to face the "shower monster," try to pour a cup of baking soda and some vinegar down the drain. It's a tried-and-tested method for dealing with clogged shower drains and a hack every married man should keep in his DIY arsenal.

The Throne of Entitlement

When a man needs his alone time, a man needs his alone time... Most married folks don't have to spend hours relaxing in the bathtub: all it takes is half an hour sitting on the "throne" to feel restored. It's even better if you have something interesting to read.

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The thing about the "throne," however, is that it makes one feel very entitled to his alone time. Yehuda's partner sure knows about it, as she's been forced to wait outside the bathroom for almost an hour!


No, it's not a screenshot from the Marvel series "She-Hulk." It's a cartoon depicting how challenging it can be for a woman to shave her legs. Yehuda's wife is more than familiar with the pain—as most women are—but she's still unable to contain a scream from time to time.

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As for Yehuda, he does what most men do in such a situation and patiently waits for it to be over while hiding in a safe place. If you don't get this one, you've probably never been married

No Is Never the Answer

The first thing young boys learn when they find themselves a girlfriend is that there's nothing wrong with telling a white lie from time to time. In other words, the answer to the question "Looking good?" can never be "No," even if that's your honest opinion...

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Strong relationships are all about trust, but there's no wrong with warping the truth to make your partner feel better. Yehuda is a sweetheart, so he knows precisely just how to act in this sort of situation.

Getting (Un)lucky

This cartoon was uploaded to Instagram five years after Yehuda's jude_devir profile became viral. As funny as Yehuda's works get, this one is illustrative of an issue most married couples can relate to, which is the sudden lack of intimacy that follows the birth of a child.

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So, what do you think? Will Yehuda "get lucky" once the kids are asleep? Or is "getting lucky" nothing but an action-figure dream that won't materialize until the children are old enough to go to college? We're rooting for the first!

Always Almost Ready

While not everybody needs hours of preparation before leaving the house, some people love to take their time showering, dressing, and dolling themselves up before a night out. Judging by this cartoon, Yehuda's wife fits the profile.

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We can all relate to this situation, as we've all been forced to wait patiently for someone to get ready. The worst part is that the phrase "I'm almost ready" has a totally different meaning when it comes out of the mouth of someone who spends hours prepping.


Married couples don't need to stop having fun just because they have a ring on their fingers. In this rare "live-action" Instagram post, Yehuda shares with his fans what it looks like to prank the wife into believing she's heavier than she thought.

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The funniest thing is that this was Yehuda's version of celebrating Valentine's Day! His poor wife can't believe the number on the scale, but we think she will feel a lot better once she sees her fit body in the mirror.

Yehuda + Maya Forever

What's the secret of Yehuda's success? Well, his cartoons are well-made and very funny, but we think the secret sauce behind his art is his commitment to his wife, Maya. People love "perfect" couples, and these two sure fit the bill.

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This particular cartoon made us think about the value of family and was posted on Instagram on the occasion of Christmas. We love Yehuda's red rose and ready-for-action green underwear, but we don't think the head-smashing is quite as charming.

A Pregnant Woman's Appetite

In 2021, Yehuda and Maya published their book "One of These Days" and celebrated the occasion with this hilarious Instagram cartoon. When we all thought Yehuda was the binge-eater of the couple, it turns out it's his wife who has an uncontrollable appetite.

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Although, to be fair, Maya is eating for two, so she deserves that larger-than-life sandwich. It's common for the appetite of pregnant women to decrease but also to increase, especially after the morning sickness of the first trimester done with.

A Matter of Perspective

Married folks, remember the first time you saw your partner without clothes? Wasn't that exciting? Well, the excitement tends to wear off as the years go by, even though guys like Yehuda will always feel a tingle of delight anytime their wives go braless.

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When you add kids to the picture, though, "going braless" takes on an entirely different meaning. It doesn't imply funky time anymore, but rather food time. And that's most probably why Yehuda decided to name this brilliant cartoon "Basic Needs!"

Adjusting the Temperature

People react differently to the temperature of pretty much everything, but is taking blazing, boiling-like showers exclusively a women's thing? According to science, not at all. While the National Library of Medicine states that women are more sensitive than men to heat-and-cold stimuli, decades of research show that men and women favor pretty much the same thermal environments (as per Energy Vanguard).

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That's not to say different people like different temperatures, as seen in the cartoon. Maybe these two need to start showering separately.

Age Is Just a Number

Some clichès are worth reviving, and the "Age is just a number" expression will always make sense to us. Yehuda and Maya seem to agree that one's brain is in control of one's actual age and that it doesn't matter what the calendar says.

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In this cartoon, titled "Embrace the changes," Instagram's loveliest couple is inspiring other moms and dads to embrace their parental bodies with confidence and a big smile. That's precisely the healthy dose of positivity we needed today.

A Married Man's Worst Nightmare

For better or worse, there's always a bit of jealousy involved in a romantic relationship. And if there's one thing most married men fear, that's social media exposure. This cartoon was shared by Yehuda once his wife started her Instagram account, and you can see why that made him spit his cereal.

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To be fair, Maya's Instagram is nothing like Yehuda imagined and is filled with pictures of cartoons and family time. We guess it's a primal male instinct to fear the worst once the wife says she's going online.

Ducking Away

We've all heard of the famous duck face, but it looks like Yehuda and his wife are reinventing the wheel with their new duck kiss movement. It sure seems lovely, although it would work much better if nobody wore caps.

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As for the original duck face meme, the image started circulating on the web around 2006 and resulted from the rising number of people creating social media profiles on websites such as Myspace. Other sources claim that it started in Japan and dates back to 1998.

Happy Birthday!

To celebrate the first anniversary of the release of their famous "One of These Days" book, Yehuda and Maya got together for a photo op with their cartoon selves. The combination of live-action and cartoons made us think of "Space Jam" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," and we love it!

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Most commentators loved the picture, but one particular fan was cruel in stating that Yehuda's real arms aren't as muscly as the arms of his cartoon self—"Hit the gym to match your drawings' arms, sir," he stated.