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We are hiring!

Position: Nurse

We are looking for an experienced Nurse to join our team


  -  A Bachelor degree in Nursing or equivalent

  - MOH nursing license

  -  Minimum 3 years of experience in schools

  -  English/Arabic bilingual is preferable



·         Ensure a safe and healthy environment

·         Provide immediate first aid care to students and school staff

·         Handle the general Physical Examinations and the annual medical exams as recommended by the school health   

 department (MoH)together with the School Nurse 

·        Apply regular health checkups for all students as needed together with the school nurse

·        Offer consultation on general medical problems and to advise on health care, diet, and nutrition 

·        Help the School Nurse in maintaining up-to-date student medical records 

·        Keep administration, teachers and staff informed of special student cases - i.e., asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc.

·        Assist with the School Nurse the dental check-up for all students as required

·        Assist the School Nurse in preparing the school’s vaccination plan for students in Year 1 and Year 11

·        Assist the School Nurse in liaising with the School Health Authority for any new vaccination, or vaccination   

 retrieval as required

·        Liaise with parents concerning any medical problem connected to their child when at school

·        Keep up to date records of all students visiting the School Clinic and the action taken for each case

·        Record and monitor overweight and underweight students and report to parents

·        Maintain the consumables required in the school clinic 

·        Assist in preparing the clinic order for purchasing three times a year or when needed. This includes the  

 monitoring of medicine, disposable items, and the caring of medical instruments 

·        Provide and help the School Nurse prepare and deliver educational sessions for students, teachers, and parents

·        Attend medical seminars and continue to update relative skills required in the provision of medical care for 

 students and staff at Ajman Academy

·        Advise on medical matters as a member of the Food Committee, if required

·        Prepare first aid kits for field trips, ski trips, School Residentials and Summer School.

·        Be present in school clinic during the Extra Curricula Activity time as informed by the Human Resources 


Interested candidates can send their cv to