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10 Weird And Weird Phobias You've Probably Never Heard Of



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Have you ever wondered what the strangest phobias are? We have already touched on this topic, but in this article we suggest that you consider some additional and strange phobias if you do not have a phobia - fear of fears (or fear of developing them).

There are many different kinds of phobias, and some of them can be quite bizarre. Some fears may seem silly to others, but they can cause intense anxiety or even panic attacks in those who suffer from them. Here is a list of the 10 weirdest phobias you may not even have heard of!

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10: Plutophobia


No, not a fear of a Disney character or a planet (or a dwarf planet, or whatever it's called now). Plutophobia is the fear of wealth or rich people. Named after Pluto, the Roman god of wealth, this fear usually stems from low self-esteem and the feeling that one does not deserve money or success in life. It can also arise from the feeling that there will never be enough money for everyone, so it's best not to want more than what parents or family members have already given.

People with this fear tend to feel unworthy and unworthy when they are surrounded by successful people who earn more than themselves. They often think that these rich people look down on them because they earn less. This can cause significant discomfort not only in a social setting among strangers, but also in the company of friends or work colleagues.

Plutophobia can lead a person to depression if left untreated. It makes everyday communication difficult, so often a person can isolate himself even from family and friends. In extreme cases, people suffering from plutophobia may have a strong aversion to rich people and even believe that they are the Antichrist or just an evil person.

9: Globophobia

Have you ever experienced a sudden, deep-seated fear of balloons?

Globophobia is the fear of balloons, usually related to the noise they make when they burst. This is a surprisingly common phobia that can be very debilitating for the people who suffer from it. If you have this phobia, even just seeing someone burst a balloon or hearing about it on the news can trigger a panic attack and other symptoms similar to those experienced by people with arachnophobia (fear of spiders). Even the feel or smell of a balloon can be a trigger.

This applies not only to balloons, but also to other round objects such as balls and bubbles. Many people suffer from this problem, and it varies from person to person depending on how severe the problem with balloons was in childhood or adulthood. Fortunately, most children overcome this phobia as they get older.

Not only children are at risk; adults can develop globophobia when they see clowns again after not having seen them for many years - even a brief appearance of one of them on TV can lead to this. Now combine glotophobia with culophobia - the fear of clowns - and you have the perfect horror story. Oh wait, we already have it. Thank you, Mr. King, for the jumping fears!


8: Linophobia

A person with linonophobia will experience an extreme reaction even at the thought of rope, let alone seeing it with their own eyes. Survivors of traumatic events who develop this phobia avoid any association or connection between themselves and the string, including knitting or tying a pair of tennis shoes. Their fear may even keep them from going to the mall because they're afraid to see the threads on the clothes in the windows (think strings).

This phobia can be caused by different things, such as the sound or the sight of a string. Some people may even experience anxiety at the sight of something that looks like a string, such as yarn, thread, or even rope. Others only experience symptoms upon contact with the string itself.

Sometimes lononophobia can develop after negative associations in childhood when a person was punished by restricting their freedom - for example, when they were punished (think of an evil nanny) or even during games at summer camp, such as running on three legs or capturing the flag. However, some cases have been linked to genetics and family history, so there is no clear reason why someone might develop this fear. So, I'm assuming that Silly Thread is inappropriate for a party?

7: Pogonophobia


People with pogonophobia are afraid of beards and may even experience anxiety when looking at a picture of one or talking to a person who has it. Pogonophobia comes from the Greek word pogon, meaning "beard". They are generally reluctant to befriend a person with a beard, as they may attribute it to a disturbing incident in their past in which a bearded person caused them distress.

In people suffering from pogonophobia, this fear may also develop due to the inability to grow a beard. They may also dislike that a beard obscures facial features or that a person is not hygienic, associating it with dirt, uncleanliness, and even homelessness. They experience anxiety at the sight of people with beards, which causes them to avoid bearded people altogether. So is there a fear of a bearded man?


6: Hetophobia

Associated with number 7 is chaetophobia, the fear of hair. This phobia can be associated with a fear of one's own hair, other people's hair, or even animal fur. Chaetophobes may be afraid to comb their own hair or even the hair on their body. And forget about cats - their hair plus the risk of hairballs. Horror! They avoid situations where other people touch their hair, and cutting their hair is usually difficult for them.

This fear may have developed as a result of an unpleasant experience with hair. Examples include a bad haircut or significant hair loss, such as baldness. It can also be the result of the person thinking the hair is dirty and therefore avoiding touching it.

Trichophobia and trichopathophobia are related phobias. Fear of falling hair, such as falling out on clothes or in the shower, is known as trichophobia. Trichopathophobia is the fear of a hair disease, such as when the hair changes color or becomes bald.

5: Vestiphobia


People with vestiphobia experience an unrealistic fear of clothing. It comes from the Latin word vestis, which means clothing, robe or cover, and can manifest itself in fear of one garment or of all garments. Fear can be caused by the material the clothing is made of, such as cotton or wool. For example, if a person has an allergic reaction to a tissue, then the anxiety associated with that reaction can lead to the development of a phobia later in life.

Another source may be the fear of tight clothing, which links vestiphobia to claustrophobia, or the fear of enclosed spaces. An inability to move or a feeling of limited movement can trigger this phobia when wearing tight jeans or a coat that is too small. The highest manifestation of this phobia can lead to the fact that a person will not be able to wear clothes, and he will only be left to sit at home, naked in self-isolation. That is until it becomes acceptable to run to the Quick Mart at the buffet!


4: Optophobia

People with optophobia experience an unbearable fear of opening their eyes. It is difficult for a person suffering from this phobia to go about their daily lives without opening their eyes at least once, even if only briefly, in search of something. They generally also prefer to stay indoors or in dimly lit areas.

People with optophobia often suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), which can develop after an incident causes them great distress - for example, they witness a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one in a car accident. It can also be situational, a condition that some of you may be experiencing at this time of the year. Have you ever watched a scary movie and had to close your eyes, afraid to see what was on the screen?

 The mere thought of opening your eyes and looking can lead to heart palpitations, vomiting, and panic attacks. So it might be worth giving up on horror movies this Halloween!

3: Arithmophobia

Many people have been afraid of math lessons since childhood, but those who suffer from arithmophobia experience a real fear that can seriously impair their lives. People with this disorder usually experience feelings of anxiety and discomfort when they see numbers. It can be a general fear of all numbers or a specific number.

A person's general fear of numbers can seriously affect their education and profession. Imagine trying to get a college degree without doing even a little bit of math. And many professions can cause anxiety - an accountant, a banker or a cashier.

Fear of a specific number usually develops from superstition or religious fears. Specific numbers have power in many beliefs around the world, many believe in numerology. Unlucky numbers are found in various cultures around the world, especially the number 13 or 666 in the Western world. In China, Vietnam, and Japan, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it sounds like the word for death in those languages. Just like Western hotels don't have a 13th floor, in Japan you won't be able to book a room on the fourth floor.


2: Agmenophobia

You walk into the bank, the traffic police, or the local fast food restaurant... and there's a line. Which one will you be in? For a person suffering from agmenophobia, this can be a serious dilemma. Agmenophobia is the fear that the line you join will be slower than the other, and you will have to wait and wait ... and wait. Faced with such a decision, one can sometimes only cross one's fingers and hope that one has made the right choice.

The thought that we've picked the wrong line—and we've all done it—can cause sweating, anxiety, and panic attacks. Like many other phobias, the exact cause of the phobia is not known, but it may have to do with the idea that the person will have to waste time they may not have standing in a line that just doesn't move. Or with the fear of not getting to the front of the line first. (You're comparing your place to the person in the next line, right? Or is it just me?) People with agmenophobia can alleviate their anxiety by teaming up by sending a friend to wait for them in another line.

1: Paraskevidecatriaphobia


Just in time for Halloween, the last item on our list is paraskevidekatriaphobia. It's the fear of Friday the 13th. Originating from another phobia mentioned above, the fear of the number thirteen has its roots in ancient Sumeria, although not intentionally. The Code of Hammurabi did not include the 13th law, which some considered related to the number itself, although this was a simple clerical error. The number also has superstitious origins in Christianity and Norse mythology associated with the 13th dinner guest. Many also fear Friday, which represents the terrible events in history and folklore that took place on this cursed day.

When the number 13 and the day of Friday became associated with each other is not known, but the idea seems to have gained some currency after T.W. Lawson published his book Friday the Thirteenth in 1907. For many, the fear of this day may be related to the terrible event that happened the previous Friday the 13th, whether it happened to them or to someone else. When this day appears on the calendar, a person may become more anxious in anticipation of something terrible, such as the death of a loved one or being fired from work. Sufferers may choose to stay at home to avoid the triggering event. But don't worry, we're all safe for now, as the next event won't happen until May 2022.