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Types of nose piercings and how to care for them ?

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 The culture of piercing is something that is becoming more normalized in our society. Within nose piercings, the range of possibilities has been opening up more and more, designing all kinds of variants. Now, not only the so-called nostril predominates, but the septum or the bridge have become increasingly relevant, and each of them attends to some care and considerations that are worth reviewing.

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That is why, in this article, we are going to tell you about the types of nose piercings and how to take care of them so that you are aware of everything when it comes to getting the piercing that you like the most, and it is a pleasant and healthy experience. for your body.


The nostril nose piercing is one of the most classic of all the piercings that people usually do. It consists of piercing one of the sides of the cartilage that makes up the nostrils, being able to choose to put a hoop-shaped earring or another with a serpentine shape in which only a small ball or diamond is exposed.

The nostril is not one of the most complicated piercings there is and, inside the nose, it is one of the ones that usually have the best results with time and good care. However, being cartilage, healing is slow and it can take up to 3 months to be healthy. Cleaning should be done with saline water or neutral soap and an attempt should be made to keep the nostrils clean and unobstructed .


Another type of nose piercing is the septum, which has become very fashionable in recent years. It consists of piercing the thin skin between the junction of the nostrils and the nasal septum.

This layer of skin is very thin but it is in a very sensitive area and it is usually painful when doing it and during the first care. Despite being a more hidden area of ​​the nose than for other piercings, it is usually in constant movement when speaking, moving the upper lip or cleaning the nose.

The septum can take up to 6 months to heal and the first 5 weeks are essential for it to heal properly and abscesses are not generated. It should be cleaned several times a day with serum or neutral soap and be very careful not to touch or move the earring .


From the outside it may seem like two independent piercings, but the special thing about this piercing is that it is three holes in one since the earring goes through the inside of the nose, having an entry hole and an exit hole.

This type of piercing requires a lot of care and can be quite painful in the first few weeks since you will have to heal not only the external piercings, but also the central internal one. The basic care consists of cleaning the exterior with the help of neutral soap and helping yourself with swabs or nasal diffusers with saline solution for the interior wound.

They usually take up to 6 months to heal completely. 


The type of bridge nose piercing has become more popular over time and is now more common than you think. It is considered to be a nose piercing because it is at the beginning of the nasal septum , between the eyes. However, for this type of piercing, the cartilage and septum are not involved, so healing is usually faster.

It is not one of the most painful piercings and it heals in 8 weeks . Like other similar piercings such as the navel, it is essential that there is not a lot of moisture or sweat condensing and that the area is always clean with a neutral soap, cleaning with gentle touches.


The name of this piercing has to do with the appearance that it has similar to the horn of a rhinoceros. And it is that this type of rhino nose piercing crosses the tip of the nose vertically, resulting in two small balls of jacks that give the sensation of a horn.

It is a very unusual piercing that requires a lot of care since healing is very slow. For at least three months you have to perform daily care to prevent your nose from rejecting the piece since it is a fairly deep and painful perforation.


In this list of types of piercing, the septril could not be missing, which goes one step further. To do this, you must have previously made a dilation in the septum since the piercing will pierce the union of the nostrils and will come out with the perforation hole.

It is a piercing that, in itself, should not be more painful than a type of nostril piercing. However, all the previous preparation makes it complex and requires a lot of care before and after . It can even take years to achieve a correct dilation to be able to do it.

Austin Bar

Among the different types of piercing, this one is very similar to the Rhino but with the peculiarity that the bar of the earring is horizontal, that is, it crosses the tip of the nose . It is usually an unusual piercing since, because it is placed in an elongated and superficial way, it is usually rejected by the body.

Even so, if the physiognomy of your nose allows it, it is a perforation that requires a lot of care, making sure that it is always clean and that no pressure is generated in any of the holes, thanks to regular washing for at least 2 months . Total healing will take between 5 to 6 months.


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