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Five things you didn't know about Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Miss Philippines 2021


 Five things you didn't know about 

Beatrice Luigi Gomez,  Miss Philippines 2021

Five things you didn't know about  Beatrice Luigi Gomez,  Miss Philippines 2021

 Beatrice Luigi Gomez was crowned in 30 September, Miss Universe Philippines 2021.  The 26-year old Filipina is set to represent the country in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Israel in December.


Five things you didn't know about  Beatrice Luigi Gomez

1. She’s the first openly gay 

“I was in grade school when I first got interested in girls. I didn’t have any concept or idea about being gay back then as I grew up and I was surrounded with an environment of various sexual orientations, that’s when I realized that I was interested in both sexes,” 

Meeting her now-girlfriend of 7 years, Kate Jagdon, and sticking to what she wanted, she realized that she didn’t owe anyone a coming out.

Gomez also said in an Instagram post  “​​Non-binary… sometimes I’m Beatrice/Bea, other days I feel like being Luigi. It’s about being feminine and masculine at the same time,” her caption read.


2. She also won the Best Swimsuit and Best Evening Gown awards

Besides bringing home the Miss Universe Philippines crown, Gomez won many other special awards, including Best Swimsuit and Best Evening Gown.

Earlier in the competition, Gomez also won the introduction video challenge where she introduced herself through her various interests such as boxing and diving.


3. Miss Universe Philippines is only her third pageant

Prior to Miss Universe Philippines 2021, Gomez had only joined 2 other beauty contests – Miss Mandaue 2015 and Binibining Cebu 2020.

Following Binibining Cebu 2020, Miss Universe Philippines was also just her second pageant win.

Before becoming a beauty queen, Gomez was a collegiate volleyball athlete. She had also been a model since 2010.


4. She was Binibining Cebu for 20 months

Usually, queens only get to keep their title for only a year. But due to the pandemic, Gomez’s journey to the national pageant stage had to be put on hold. It’s all good, though, as she emerged triumphant and won the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

She was crowned by Binibining Cebu 2019 Steffi Rose Aberasturi, who also joined Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and became the second-runner up.

As Binibining Cebu 2020, she took part in many outreach programs in the province of Cebu.


5. She’s a Philippine Navy reservist

Gomez is part of the Naval Reserve Command. This means that should there be a shortage of soldiers during a conflict or a calamity, she can be called up for duty.

She joined the Basic Citizen’s Military Course in January 2021 under the 82nd Marine Battalion of the Naval Reserve Center of Eastern Visayas. This tested her endurance and involved trainings from first aid to test firing. She completed her training on 13 March 2021.