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Your personality and the color of your eyes


Your personality and the color of your eyes

Your personality and the color of your eyes

Approximately 79% of people in our world have brown eyes, 8%-10% of the population has blue eyes, 5% hazel eyes, and only 2% of people have green eyes, according to Brightside. In addition to these statistics, researchers also tried to find personality traits specific to each eye color and discovered some common patterns.

Brightside explained the features that people have depending on the color of their eyes:

1. Women with light eyes tolerate pain better than women with dark eyes

One study showed that women with green or blue eyes could deal with pain and tension better than women with brown and hazel eyes, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. The first group with light eyes seemed to feel less pain.
Additionally, they felt less anxiety and depression after birth, while the dark-eyed group had more negative thoughts.

2. People with brown eyes are considered trustworthy

A survey of 1,016 women between the ages of 16 and 35 found that women often associate eye color with certain traits, researchers found that people with brown eyes are considered smart and nice, and moreover, people tend to trust them more.

3. People with blue eyes are considered cute and attractive

The same survey showed that people with light eyes perceived them in different ways, while dark eyes seemed to go hand in hand with intelligence, and blue eyes were described the same way by only 7% of the participants, but in contrast, this group of people was considered more Physically attractive.

4. Green eyes are creative and evasive

29% of the respondents said that they consider green eyes to be the most attractive, moreover, this color depicts creativity and a kind of prevarication, and these eyes were seen as evil in some areas, but perhaps because of their rarity.

5. Women with black eyes can be less social and self-confident

The survey found that 65.38% of women with black eyes were not social at all, also may have lower self-confidence and ambition compared to men with the same eyes.
Male participants were also said to have a more dynamic personality. They can be quick to anger, impulsive, and often seek out dangerous adventures.