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How to take care of sensitive skin?


How to take care of sensitive skin?

How to take care of sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, you'll notice that your face is more likely to have redness, irritation, and burns than other skin types. This is not a big problem, as you can follow some steps in your sensitive skin care routine, which will help you take care of it and avoid some aesthetic problems. In this article, we'll give you the most important steps you should follow in your sensitive skin care routine. Read on for all the details.
Cleaning sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, clean your skin once a day, specifically in the evening with a face cleanser that is right for you, to get rid of dirt and accumulations. In the morning, you can wash sensitive skin with water only. For the type of facial cleanser suitable for sensitive skin, choose a gentle cleanser that contains natural ingredients and frees the elements that hurt the skin.
Remove make-up with a product suitable for sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, then use a watery makeup remover
Wash sensitive skin with lukewarm water
After cleansing sensitive skin, stay as far away from washing it with hot water and make sure to use lukewarm water that helps clean the skin pores from excessive oil secretions. Also, when drying sensitive skin, use a clean cotton towel and gently dry your face so that you don't irritate and redden. It is recommended to change the towel every day in order to avoid the transmission of bacteria and dirt to your skin and therefore suffer from skin problems.
Moisturize sensitive skin with a moisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, use the moisturizing cream, which is free of fragrances, preservatives, salicylic and more. Also, it is recommended that the product contain a sun protection factor index
Use a sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin

Applying sunscreen is a very important step to be applied daily, especially if you have sensitive skin, as it is in urgent need of sun protection. Choosing the right product is essential for this type of skin and if you use an inappropriate sunscreen you will have a problem. Stay away from a chemical sunscreen and resort to a metal product, which contains mineral elements such as titanium and zinc oxide, is your favorite. It is also important to stay away from a sunscreen that contains odors that may increase skin irritation.

Resort to a special toner for sensitive skin and apply it in the morning and evening
You should apply toner to your skin to remove dirt and makeup residue, minimize large pores and moisturize the skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to choose a disinfectant-free toner, artificial fragrances, chemicals, and a toner based on natural skin-calming ingredients.
Use serum suitable for sensitive skin
Serum plays an important role in protecting the skin, replenishing cells, moisturizing them and promoting collagen production. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to redness, irritation and burns, choose a serum that soothes the skin. It is also preferable to stay away from serum products that contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals.
Sanding sensitive skin once a week
If you have mixed skin, be sure to exfoliate your skin once a week and make sure to apply the moisturizing cream after taking this step, in order to keep your skin hydrated and not irritate. It is recommended to choose a skin-based exfoliator that contains soothing ingredients and is free of substances that irritate the skin such as odors and disinfectants.
Apply a mask suitable for sensitive skin once to twice a week
If you have sensitive skin, make sure to apply a face mask that soothes the skin, always looking at the mask rich in natural ingredients such as avocado, chamomile and shea butter. These elements essentially nourish the skin from the depth and light it up without causing any problem.