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Can a woman exercise during her menstrual cycle


Can a woman exercise during her menstrual cycle?

Can a woman exercise during her menstrual cycle?

The movement has a positive effect on the psyche of women during the menstrual cycle. But why does a woman feel weak before her period? What are the appropriate foods? What are the best alternatives for diapers to prevent blood leakage while running and swimming during the menstrual cycle?

Menstruation is not an excuse not to exercise. On the contrary, “movement helps combat the uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen,” and sport has a positive effect on the woman’s psyche, as most women feel better after sports.

There is no problem with exercising during the menstrual cycle, and many women refuse physical exercises during the menstrual period for purely psychological reasons, due to their feeling of troubling bleeding. A woman only loses 60 milliliters of blood, and this does not affect her physical performance. While the phenomenon of the so-called premenstrual syndrome in which a woman's mood changes is a common phenomenon that gynecologists talk about, some researchers question this phenomenon and say that there is insufficient evidence for the relationship of mood changes to the menstrual cycle.

Why do women feel weak before menstruation?

When a woman feels very weak just before her period, the question that should be asked is: "Is her period coming soon?" Not "Do you have a period now?" This is because the reason a woman feels weak before her period is the hormone progesterone, which works before entering the menstrual period in order to prepare the woman's body for the possible pregnancy period: the water is stored in her body and her breasts are tightened. As for women who do not take birth control pills and other hormonal preparations, their body temperature rises during this period, and the sport becomes strenuous and stressful, and their endurance decreases, but the decline in the progesterone hormone in the body will calm these symptoms.

The best alternatives to sanitary napkins during exercise

Sports movements work to get more blood out, and here the menstrual cup is an ideal alternative to sanitary pads and for tampons that women use during their menstrual cycle to prevent blood leakage, and this cup is a small funnel made of silicone or plastic materials, this cup is well-positioned in The vaginal area receives blood there and prevents the leakage of blood drops from the sides, and the emptying is less frequent than sanitary napkins and tampons, not to mention that it is ideal in swimming.

What foods should be consumed during exercise during the menstrual cycle?

The iron element in the woman’s body decreases during the menstrual cycle, and therefore women, especially those in sports, must eat foods that contain iron such as millet, corn, salad and almonds, and the body absorbs iron with the best possible amount of red meat, or it is possible to replace the deficient iron component in the body by eating pills Competent for that.
As for women who exercise a lot and whose bodies contain a low percentage of fat, they often suffer from menopause and the absence of menstrual blood, and the combination of this with bad eating habits may lead to osteoporosis, and therefore this is another reason for eating iron and calcium.