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Ten benefits of doing Sex


Ten benefits of doing Sex

Ten benefits of doing Sex

It is true that giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages and fatty foods will improve your health, but giving up sex will not. In fact, having sex may be one of the most beneficial things for the body, and here are ten reasons why:

  1. If you're nervous, sex might be the last thing on your mind. But it is one of the best ways to get rid of stress, as it helps the brain to secretes chemicals that reduce the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, such as: the hormone dopamine, which is responsible for pleasure, and endorphins which reduces pain.
  2. Having sex improves your mood as well, as a study of thirty thousand men and women between 1989 and 2012 showed that having sex once a week in a committed relationship is bound to make people happy. This applies to hugging and kissing as well.
  3. Having sex also improves sleep, as it releases the hormone prolactin, which helps relax after climaxing orgasm. Scientists recommend reaching orgasm with a partner if possible, as research shows that levels of prolactin in men and women are 400 percent greater than reaching orgasm during masturbation.
  4. Having sex regularly may help boost immunity, as researchers from Wilkes University in the United States, found that levels of "immunoglobulin" in students who had sex once or twice a week is thirty percent greater than those who had not had sex.
  5. For men, having sex my reduced risk of prostate cancer. And in a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2004, it is found that men who reported ejaculating 21 or more times per month were less likely to develop prostate cancer than their counterparts who ejaculated four or seven times per month.
  6. Having sex improves heart health for men and women, as it reduces the risk of heart disease by 45 percent for men And  women 2016 the study showed that having sex can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure, a common indicator of heart disease.
  7. A series of four studies of engaged couples in the United States and Switzerland found that having sex engenders more affection and affection between spouses that lasts for hours after sex.
  8. The benefits of sex include boosting your mental health, too. Studies show that maintaining sexual activity during aging improves brain function, memory, and verbal fluency.
  9. Another of its benefits is pain relief, as studies show that having sex reduces menstrual pain in women, chronic back and leg pain, and even headaches.  thanks to the hormone oxytocin, which prevents pain and tension.
  10. In addition, having sex is considered as sporting activity, as you may spend thirty minutes engaging in it. "The level of stress from sexual activity may be higher than the stress from walking for 4.8 kilometers per hour," said the authors of a study involving 20 healthy young couples.

Running or having sex is better for weight loss?

What is the number of calories lost during sex, and is there a difference between men and women in the number of calories lost? The numbers are surprising according to a Canadian study.
Questions that many may ask themselves or friends. Some people may exaggerate the number of calories lost, and some may answer with estimates. A Canadian study, published by American websites, showed the number of calories lost during sex, and also revealed the difference between the number of calories lost by men and women.
A team at the University of Montreal compared the number of calories lost during running and having sex. And he found that, during a light jog for half an hour, women lose 213 calories, while men lose 276 calories. During sexual life, having sex for half an hour, a man loses 101 calories, while a woman loses only 69 calories or an average of 3.6 calories per minute.

The reason why men lose more calories, according to the study, is that men weigh more than women, and Professor Anthony Carriles, a professor of human kinematology at the university, says that men are of course more mobile than women during sex. The professor explained that the nature of the relationship and the bodies of the two parties affect the number of calories as well.

The study also revealed that 75 percent of deaths due to cardiac arrest during sexual intercourse occurred in cases of having it with stranger partners. But it's the study that shows how important sex to a healthy heart.
Even if you do not burn many calories during the sexual process. It has many positive aspects, as the Times website publishes because regular sex reduces the incidence of some types of cancer, in addition to improving mental health and mood, because sex sends chemical signals that help relax and feel satisfied, and sex enhances the ability To sleep well.