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The eye needs special care to stay healthy and here are the most important ways of eye care

1- Wash your hands
Wash your hands well before touching your eyes. Our hands are filled with dirt and micro-salts, the tip of the feet, the statue of eye infection, and conjunctivitis are among the most important steps in skin and eye care.
2- adhesive lenses
Do not use the adhesive lenses for more than 6 hours at a time to prevent eye drying, remove them, wash your eyes, relax and reuse
3- UV radiation protects your eyes
Yes, the sun is good for the health of the eye. But certainly, anything too much is harmful. If your work needs to be kept out, always wear good UV protection sunglasses. This will prevent or delay the injury of eye lens seals.
4- Wear protective glasses
Eye injuries can greatly impair vision. To avoid this, remember to always wear safety glasses while handling chemicals, exercising, and while swimming and other activities that may expose your eyes to injury.
5- long-distance staring (see away)
Working permanently without any breaks or entertainment, of course, you will be idle and stress-free.
Try to take a break and change your eyes to a green area or look away.
Exercise your eyes to keep your eyes sharp and your eyes healthy.
6- Eat healthy food
You can nourish your eyes by eating healthy foods that enhance vision, such as carrots, apricots, and blueberries. All of these foods are rich in beta-carotene and good for eye health.
7- Go for routine eye screening
Even if you are in good health and are not having any reading problems, check your routine eye at least once a year. This method is considered good for detecting and preventing many eye-related diseases through timely treatment.
8- Don't ignore your eye problems
If you are experiencing any problem with your eyes, don't ignore it. Immediately act and consult an eye doctor. This will prevent any major problems in the future.
9- be sure to blink your eyes regularly
Make sure you blink regularly, keeping your eyes healthy and preventing strain. The involuntary closure of the eyes (the blink movement) of computer users is lower than their peers, and therefore they should practice eye closing and opening exercises once every 3-4 seconds.
10- wash your eyes with water
Washing and rinsing your eyes with water helps reduce eye overstress. So, whenever you feel your eyes are tired, go, apply, and rinse with some water to help treat your eyes.
11-Stop Smoking
Smoking is harmful to the health of the body, including the eyes. Excessive smoking or continuous tobacco chewing can cause blindness or spot atrophy because tobacco contains harmful nicotine.
12 - remove make-up
Always remove your makeup before washing your face with warm water and choose eyeliner pencils that contain almond oil, castor oil as it will help retain moisture.